Study Modes



The eLearning training courses are neither location constrained nor time-bound. This method is technologically enabled and is delivered by Certified Trainers in pre-recorded video format.

With eLearning, it has never been easier and more convenient to be a learner. You can take these training courses from any device and location that makes learning a comfortable experience owing to the flexibility and freedom it offers.


Live Online

Our live online training courses are synchronized events organized in a live virtual meeting room/classroom environment. These training courses offer an engaging and interactive learning experience led by Certified Trainers via sophisticated tools that allow remote teaching. 

This training delivery format makes learning more accessible to our candidates in new ways, especially to those who do not have traveling as an option, or when late-classes are the only feasible alternative.



Our classroom training courses are participant-centered and delivered in different venues by certified trainers and experienced workshop participators.

This training delivery format can be especially beneficial for those wishing to learn through cooperative activities and group work as well as have interaction with peers, share experiences, ideas, and opinions. 

This remains the most comprehensive format that allows participants to capture the entire experience of training.



If you want to take a training course at your own pace and a place of your choice, you can engage in self-study, for which all that is needed is access to the training course materials. 

One of the major advantages of our self-study training course delivery format is that you can take control of your own learning and direct your own.

In-house training

Why choose in-house training?

Our courses can be delivered at premises of your choice. We can tailor it to your organization, spending time focused on your objectives. 

This ensures that your people learn best practices suited to your own organization, in the setting where they will be using them. 

Our in-house courses are led by expert tutors who are skilled in both their subject matter and in the most effective ways for delegates to learn.


Technology Certification

The certified courses offered are internationally recognised.


Expert Trainers & Facilitators

High quality training provided by qualified and experienced instructors.

Online Education

E-learning ensures regularly updated course materials.