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Get internationally certified with PRIMUS. Acquire coveted IT qualifications, build new business capabilities, and tap into the confidence you need to improve your organization and advance your career.

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Training

Interested in expanding your knowledge and advancing your skills on Information Security? Our trainers are here to ease the certification process and help you obtain your ISO/IEC 27001 Credentials.

Cybersecurity Training Courses

In the era of digital transformation, with almost everything being done digitally from education, to business, to communication, cybersecurity has never been more important! One should not forget that as technology advances, so do malicious threats and attacks. As a result, there is an ever growing need for cybersecurity professionals, competent to protect people’s data.

Risk Management Courses and Certification

Risk is present in every aspect of our life, from mundane everyday activities such as choosing a route to work, to complex corporate decisions such as opening a manufacturing plant in a different country. Much effort was put over the past decades to better understand risk and its nature, which led to the creation of methodologies and approaches that enable individuals and organizations to make accurate decisions based on logical reasoning. One of the most distinguished frameworks to address risk is provided by ISO 31000, an international standard that incorporates principles, proven practices, and guidelines on managing risks faced by organizations.

Workshops & Masterclasses

Transform knowledge into impact and drive innovation in your organization with our executive workshops and masterclasses.

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Technology Certification

The certified courses offered are internationally recognised.


Expert Trainers & Facilitators

High quality training provided by qualified and experienced instructors.

Online Education

E-learning ensures regularly updated course materials.