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At Primus Institute of Technology our mission is to inspire, support, and empower current and aspiring IT professionals through training and career development workshops.

Our focus since the start has been to give our trainees and clients the greatest opportunity for success.

We are here to help you make your career dream a reality.


Study Modes


If you want to take a training course at your own pace and a place of your choice, you can engage in self-study, for which all that is needed is access to the training course materials.


Our classroom training courses are participant-centered and delivered in different venues by certified trainers, industry experts and experienced workshop participators.

Live Online

Our live online training courses are synchronized events organized in a live virtual meeting room/classroom environment. This format makes training more accessible.

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At Primus Institute of Technology, we strive to offer training courses that speak to your career goals and reflect the latest standards, technologies, approaches, and most innovative methods.

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